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...your ultimate source of supernatural mood themes! until you and I find a better one that is...

Under the LJ cut you will find close to 60 or maybe more Supernatural related mood themes. It took me awhile to find them and I'm sure there's still more out there (and I still have 10 mood themes with unidentified creators. Once I find them the moods will be added here) so come back soon, maybe there's something new on the list. If you know of a mood theme that isn't listed yet, please tell me.

I tried to put mood themes in categories, so it would be easier to find whatever you need. It wasn't easy let me tell you. Better check all links before you decide on something XD Some of the mood themes are pretty old, some are brand new. If the download link isn't working check comments under the entry, you might find it there. If there is no working link, see if the preview of the mood theme is provided. You'll have to save all pics seperatly. If neither works, ask me. I have almost every mood theme saved on my laptop. But please try to find the mood theme by yourself first, ok? I don't feel comfortable sharing something that wasn't made by me. When you find your dream mood theme don't forget to leave a thank you to its maker!! :)

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UPDATE: January 14, 2012
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I feel real bad. I was waiting whole year to have a chance to use some more Christmas icons and look what happened. Christmas is over, there is no snow outside like Winter is cancelled and I haven't used any of my Christmas icons yet. So I'm writing this post just for the sake of using an icon. Yes, I am. See? Cause there's a Christmas tree and I still have a Christmas tree. It's only one day after Christmas, you know.
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...random thought is random...

When I stared watching Alphas I learned that Cameron was a vampire in Supernatural. He was Luther in Dead Man's Blood. And he played in Still Life with Jensen.

A week ago S6 gag reel came out. One day when I was watching it in bed on my phone, and the screen is pretty small, I had a sudden thought. Isn't the djinn chick Nina from Alphas? I didn't even see her face in the gag reel and on my phone I could barely see her shape. I have no idea why the sudden thought but yes, it's the same actress! :D So now there are two Alphas who played in Supernatural and one agent! (Callum Keith Rennie who played the guide in Wendigo) :D
weenchester christmas

...no matter what happens I won't let you go...

I like wincest. I do. So you can't really blame me that when I was watching Starcrossed few months ago I immediately thought of Sam and Dean. The boys in the movie look like them and their father clearly have some issues, just like John had. Only diference is their mother is alive. So this is like, what would be the life of Sam and Dean in a world with no demons. Minus the unhappy ending. Cause it's very unhappy. I want Sam and Dean to have a happy ending. They deserve it. Like noone else.

You can watch the movie here or download it from here.

Check out some nice screencaps under the cut ;)

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...plot bunny #1...

I love night. Especially at summer time. The air is warm, the sky is clear, stars are shinning brightly... It's quiet and peacefull. It's dark and there is no-one out. I love it.

I wish there was someone I could share it with. I want to feel their arms around me, their head on my shoulder and their kiss on my neck. I want to sit on a bench, just starring at the sky.

I want to read a J2 story like that.

Or with a bit different ending. Summer time, warm air, slight dew on grass. Clear sky, brigth stars. Noone around. Two bodys entwined, making love on the grass.

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