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...your ultimate source of supernatural mood themes! until you and I find a better one that is...

Under the LJ cut you will find close to 60 or maybe more Supernatural related mood themes. It took me awhile to find them and I'm sure there's still more out there (and I still have 10 mood themes with unidentified creators. Once I find them the moods will be added here) so come back soon, maybe there's something new on the list. If you know of a mood theme that isn't listed yet, please tell me.

I tried to put mood themes in categories, so it would be easier to find whatever you need. It wasn't easy let me tell you. Better check all links before you decide on something XD Some of the mood themes are pretty old, some are brand new. If the download link isn't working check comments under the entry, you might find it there. If there is no working link, see if the preview of the mood theme is provided. You'll have to save all pics seperatly. If neither works, ask me. I have almost every mood theme saved on my laptop. But please try to find the mood theme by yourself first, ok? I don't feel comfortable sharing something that wasn't made by me. When you find your dream mood theme don't forget to leave a thank you to its maker!! :)


Gen Season 1

by crystalkirk  - here
by sargraf - here
by wolfling  - here
by lidi - here
by wickedgrdn - here

Gen Season 2

by deanandsam  - here
by trutdelamode  - here
by speakfree & aredhell  - here
by causette - here
by wickedgrdn - here
by berry_hearts - here (What Is And What Should Never Be)

Gen Season 3

by wickedgrdn - here

Gen Season 4

by sterni75 - here
by wickedgrdn - here
by tonicangel - here

Gen Season 5

by hellybongo  - here
by wickedgrdn - here

Gen Season 6

by wickedgrdn - here

All Seasons

by xafirah  - here
by talulababy  - here
by vt_graphics  - here
by briarwood - here (seasons 1-3)
by callme_k - here (seasons 1-5)
by ina_ami - here (seasons 1-6)
by sweetgirl7808 - here (seasons 1-4)
by kelzies - here (seasons 1-4 gag reel)
by sprat - here (seasons 1-3)

Sam and Dean

by potthead - here
by insanityy  - here
by piehouserat  - here
by bittersweet_art - here
by echoism - here
by kissncontrol @ DA - here
by dana_duchovny - here
by wishflthinkr - here
by crazybutgraphic - here

Sam and Dean and Ruby

by aysha - here

Sam and Ruby

by meg_tdj - here


by meg_tdj  - here
by organza - here
by wickedgrdn - here
by tueppelchen - here


by meg_tdj  - here
by ethia - here
by cadilicious  - here
by zeskimo  - here
by organza - here
by wickedgrdn - here (season 5)
by wickedgrdn - here (season 1-3)
by ina_ami - here


by goth_clark  - here
by </lj>  - here
by morlockiness - here
by wickedgrdn - here
by earthlyillusion - here
by meg_tdj - here

Dean and Castiel

by awakencordy  - here
by crystalchain - here
by angelicfoodcake - here
by easy_to_corrupt - here

Bela Talbot

by inthe_sunshine  - here

Women of Supernatural

by briarwood  - here


by memskitch  - here (dead links. I pray for it to get reuploaded one day because ALASTAIR!!)


by marishna - here
by sargraf - here


by goldenusagi  - here


Jared Padalecki

by meg_tdj  - here
by bitterbird - here
by space_geek - here

Jensen Ackles

by wickedgrdn - here
by surrexi - here
by lostmemento - here
by space_geek - here

Jared and Jensen

by aredhell  & speakfree  - here
by ina_ami  - here
by fallonblackdays - here
by the_milky_way - here
by famineghost - here (preview only, you have to save all links)

Jensen and Misha

by camui_zuuki - here

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

by niennah & meivocis - here
by kohler - here

Genevieve Cortese

by bitterbird  - here

Alona Tal

by styrofoamplates - here

Jake Abel

by hinky - here (preview only,  you have to save all pics)


The Dean Show

by [info]cenedrawood  & [info]urdsama - here

UPDATE: January 14, 2012
Tags: actor: jared padalecki, actor: jeffrey dean morgan, actor: jensen ackles, actor: misha collins, fandom: supernatural, mood themes, slash: dean/castiel, slash: j2, slash: sam/dean
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