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When I stared watching Alphas I learned that Cameron was a vampire in Supernatural. He was Luther in Dead Man's Blood. And he played in Still Life with Jensen.

A week ago S6 gag reel came out. One day when I was watching it in bed on my phone, and the screen is pretty small, I had a sudden thought. Isn't the djinn chick Nina from Alphas? I didn't even see her face in the gag reel and on my phone I could barely see her shape. I have no idea why the sudden thought but yes, it's the same actress! :D So now there are two Alphas who played in Supernatural and one agent! (Callum Keith Rennie who played the guide in Wendigo) :D
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I like wincest. I do. So you can't really blame me that when I was watching Starcrossed few months ago I immediately thought of Sam and Dean. The boys in the movie look like them and their father clearly have some issues, just like John had. Only diference is their mother is alive. So this is like, what would be the life of Sam and Dean in a world with no demons. Minus the unhappy ending. Cause it's very unhappy. I want Sam and Dean to have a happy ending. They deserve it. Like noone else.

You can watch the movie here or download it from here.

Check out some nice screencaps under the cut ;)

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I love night. Especially at summer time. The air is warm, the sky is clear, stars are shinning brightly... It's quiet and peacefull. It's dark and there is no-one out. I love it.

I wish there was someone I could share it with. I want to feel their arms around me, their head on my shoulder and their kiss on my neck. I want to sit on a bench, just starring at the sky.

I want to read a J2 story like that.

Or with a bit different ending. Summer time, warm air, slight dew on grass. Clear sky, brigth stars. Noone around. Two bodys entwined, making love on the grass.

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It's been a looong time since I've done recs. I wonder if I have anything saved for reccing? Let's check bookmarks. *after short search* Yeah, definitely worth reccing.

I'd Gladly Lose Me to Find You by flawedamythyst 
In many stories Sam sacrifices himself to get Dean out of Hell. In many stories we get to read only about the outcome and how the boys struggle after Dean's return. This story shows exactly what Sam is doing to get Dean back and it's a huge amount of the story, not just a line or two. And that's good.

The Lie That Keeps You Warm (The Truth You’re Counting On) by aerithqoc 
What I liked about this story is that even though it's 190 pages in pdf, it didn't feel like the story was streched out, too long. I wasn't tired by reading it. Everything had its place and purpose.

Times Like These by _doodle 
Someone made me hate Jensen. I never thought it's possible but by the way Jared was telling his story I was ready to kick Jensen's butt, to put it mildly. I'm glad I didn't. *hugs Jared*

Under Falling Leaves by germanjj 
I did not see this comming. Loved how we were in the dark along with Jared, left alone with Jensen's thoughts.

Hometown Boys by peggy_lane 
Just a simple story : )

And last but not least, Along the Road to Anywhere by cherie_morte 
Beautiful story with a beautiful and sad ending. You've been warned. Buy tons of tissues and have someone to hug when you're finished reading. It helps. I've been there.

And that's it for now : )